"Rasave Janana, Virasa Marana, Samarasave Jeevana"
Penned by Kannada's poet-laureate, Da. Ra. Bendre, the literary colossus who strode the modern Kannada literature world for more than seven decades, these beautiful lines retain the same liveliness and relevance even after four decades of his passing.​​​​​​

"Gangavatarana" is a Kannada play woven around the protagonist, Ganesh murthy's indefatigable quest to imbibe the essence of Varakavi Da. Ra.Bendre's works. His resolve is tested by the realities and vagaries of his own life as various circumstances and characters present themselves.

Will he be able to entice the "Ganga" of knowledge to flow unbridled through his veins or will he succumb to the pressures of ordinary life?

"Gangavatarana" is artfully written and directed by the multi-talented and accomplished theater personality, Rajendra Karanth.

This mega production comes alive with the rich legacy of evergreen songs written by Da. Ra. Bendre, melodiously sung by Nachiketa Yakkundi's team and the entire theater experience is enhanced by vibrant dances choreographed by Chandana Krishnamurthy.

Don't miss this one-of-a kind Kannada theater extravaganza performed by over 50 artists!!